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Boston Auto & Detail takes pride in every customer’s vehicle throughout Clinton, Utica, Rome, and Oneida New York. The products that we use to help your vehicle achieve SHOWROOM quality as well as the protection that is long lasting. Boston Auto & Detail, located in Clinton, NY is THE TOP vehicle detailing company in the New York professional car detailing industry. Boston Auto & Detail is the only CERTIFIED Gtechniq installer within a 75 Mile Radius From Clinton, NY.Boston Auto & Detailing has amazing service package options and add-ons, we have everything you need for the best car detailing your vehicle has ever seen. Our team is dedicated to offering the highest-quality cleans and best customer service that can be found in Clinton, NY, and the neighboring cities. With us by your side, you will never have to deal with an incomplete clean from an uncaring detailing service again. You can always turn to us for all your car detailing needs throughout Central New York.Our high-quality professional vehicle detailing services knock the competition right out of the water. No other detailing company or car wash service can stand a full round in the ring with our team of experts. We come out on top each and every time. We are the expert team you want to handle all your auto detailing Clinton NY needs. When you choose us for your detailing needs, you and your car WIN, every time. Your car gets a company that can take care of any size mess with ease, while you get a friendly team that offers the highest levels of customer service you have ever seen.


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