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Paint Protection Film Packages.

Experience the highest level of paint protection with Notorious Auto Protection's paint protection film packages. Your vehicle will stay safe from rock chips, swirls, and much more!


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Asked Questions

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How long does the PPF installation take?

Typically, it takes a day, but can vary depending on the vehicle size and complexity.

Will PPF damage my car's paint?

No, our Paint Protection Film is designed to protect without causing any harm. In fact, it preserves the paint quality.

How often should I replace the PPF?

With proper care, PPF can last for years. We recommend periodic checks to ensure its integrity.

Can I wash my car after PPF installation?

Yes, but it's advisable to wait at least a week post-installation.

Does PPF provide UV protection?

Absolutely, our PPF provides a layer of UV protection, preventing paint discoloration.

Is PPF visible on the car?

Our PPF is virtually invisible once applied, blending seamlessly with your car’s finish.

Can PPF be removed?

Yes, PPF can be professionally removed without damaging the vehicle's paint.

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Protect and maintain the glossy, sleek finish of your vehicle with our top-tier Paint Protection Film (PPF). Offering a transparent shield, PPF is your defense against the everyday challenges on the road.

Defends Against Scratches

The film’s self-healing properties ensure that minor scratches simply disappear.

Protection from Road Debris

Keep your car safe from stone chips and road debris.

Long-Lasting Gloss

Maintain your car's shine and brilliance for longer.

UV Protection

Prevents paint discoloration due to harmful UV rays.

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