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Notorious Auto Protection understands the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Our window tinting not only enhances your vehicle's appearance but also provides practical benefits like UV protection.

UV ProtectioN

Protect yourself and your vehicle's interiors from harmful UV rays

Enhanced Privacy

Keep prying eyes at bay with our range of tints.

Reduces Heat

Maintain a cooler vehicle interior during hot summer days.

Glare Reduction

Ensure safer drives by reducing the glare from sunlight and headlights.

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Say goodbye to the sun, outside stares, and harmful UV rays

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Carbon: $25
Ceramic: $45
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Carbon: $100
Ceramic: $125
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Carbon: $100
Ceramic: $140
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Carbon: $250
Ceramic: $340
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STEK WINDOW FILM: Tinting Excellence

When it comes to window tinting, not all films are created equal. At Notorious Auto Protection, we've chosen to work  with only excellence in the automotive protection industry. STEK ACTION Nano Carbon Window Film and STEK NEX Ceramic Window Film. This brand has gained its reputation not merely by name, but by the consistent delivery of quality. Renowned for its unparalleled durability, crystal-clear clarity, and superior performance, our window tints aren’t just a mere accessory but a statement of quality. You don’t just get a tinted window; you get a promise - a promise that your vehicle will not only stand out in a crowd but will also offer the protection and comfort you deserve.

STEK ACTION Nano Carbon Window Film provides a stylish look, up to 50% heat rejection and 99% UV protection. Its quality materials offer superior performance and outstanding color stability. STEK stands behind ACTIONseries window tint with a limited lifetime warranty against fading and peeling and is offered in a variety of sizes

STEK NEX Ceramic Window Film introduces proprietary graphene technology to provide maximum heat rejection, blocking up to 94% of IR heat and 99% of UV rays. It is manufactured to provide premium performance that will never fade and deliver superior clarity with easy installation. NEXseries is offered in a variety of sizes.

Notorious Auto Protection WINDOW TINT FILM

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Simply, we offer the best in window tint technology. Offering the highest protection from UV rays, and an array of additional benefits - surpassing the performance of any other film on the market to date.

Asked Questions

This is where we answer all your questions. Check it out.

How long does the window tinting process take?

It usually takes 2-4 hours depending on the vehicle and the number of windows.

Is the tint legal?

We offer a range of tints compliant with New York state laws. Always consult with our experts for the best recommendation.

How long before I can roll down my windows?

We recommend waiting for at least 48-72 hours after tinting.

Does the tint come with a warranty?

Yes, our tints come with a warranty. Please ask our team for details.

Will window tinting affect my vehicle's resale value?

Quality window tinting can enhance your vehicle's appeal and potentially its resale value.

How should I clean my tinted windows?

Use a soft cloth and a non-ammonia cleaner for best results.

Can old or damaged tint be removed and replaced?

Yes, we offer tint removal services and can replace it with new, high-quality tint.

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Our team will answer all your questions. Give us a call and speak to your local experts

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